Important Info-Golf Lesson Program Stone River
Dealing with Covid-19

Golf Lessons Will Go Forward Outdoors Only and Weather Permitting each day to provide kids, parents and adult clients to have a normal activity while schools and parents work from home to assist with a regular routine.  All sanitizing and safety outdoor guidelines will be implemented.  We encourage you to let us know if you have Traveled or Been Sick with Fever, Runny Nose or Coughing in Past 2 Weeks

The clubhouse will be closed to all gatherings-hanging out or waiting on lessons to be completed; we ask that you drop off or wait in your vehicle.  All clients will come in clubhouse to check in before lesson & make payment & if possible by check or cash; you can purchase packaged snacks & beverages only in the clubhouse.  We will continue to provide our daily reminders for all booked/scheduled bi-weekly and weekly lessons to our clients.

We will continue to keep our clients informed as we go forward each day or week but at this time, the above guidelines will be implemented as our goal and efforts are for the greater good for all.

Thank you all for your patience and know we appreciate you and our guidelines will be implemented for everyone to continue to enjoy golf instruction at Stone River