Stone River Covid-19 Guidelines

  To all our members and daily fee players,

      Due to recent developments with the Covid-19 virus and the guidelines laid out by the federal, state and local governments, we will be implementing some changes in how we operate in order to keep everyone safe.

     First, let me say that we will be open for golf; if you want to play golf and the weather permits, then you can play golf. We would encourage everybody to practice social distancing and good hygiene so as not to infect your fellow golfers. We would also encourage you not to come and play if you feel bad or feel like you may possibly infect somebody. I believe that outdoor activities are even encouraged.

     On the course we will be removing all water stations and sanitizing ball washers, all golf carts will be sanitized between rounds especially around the steering wheels and seats. I have also read that it might be good time to start leaving the pin in on the greens.

     The Clubhouse is where you will notice the biggest changes, because the recommendations are to not congregate in numbers of more than ten. We will be restricting access to the clubhouse dining room and closing the grill and not preparing any food out of the kitchen for the time being. Our goal will be for players to come into the clubhouse only to pay fees, buy snacks and drinks and use the restroom, then go out to play golf. We will be diligent in our efforts to sanitize our facility.

     We don’t know how long these measures will have to be in effect, but we feel we must do our part in the community as everybody should. We’re all in this together so hopefully everybody will understand that these necessary inconveniences are for the greater good.  Hopefully this will be a short-lived virus and won’t affect any of your friends or family.

Please stay safe,

Kirk Froehlich

Stone River Golf Club